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It’s beginning to look a lot like...

Updated: May 11, 2023

Masons have been good all year, it seems :). So Santa treated us to a little Christmas get-together.

And what an event it was; children playing, gifts sharing, music blaring, brethren singing punctuated by hearty laughter and cheers. Hugs abound! It was good to see the brethren, it was an honor to meet their wives and children. This has been the tradition of Royal Philanthropic, we are a family Lodge, and it is comforting to find that despite the assaults of the last two years, this has held true.

The light of Charity shines bright in every Mason's heart, especially during this season. Santa gave gifts to all the little ones present. Some gifts are to be donated to the less fortunate. We also have a Hamper Drive planned to give some relief and bring cheer to those who need it.

As the evening festivities came to a close, we reminisced on past Christmases at RPL. We spoke fondly of our late W.Bro. Glenn Nathaniel who without fail every year, would put up our Christmas tree. We hope we did him proud. We toasted to our absent Brethren, we will never forget you or your families.



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