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Legacy and Leadership: Royal Philanthropic Lodge installs new Master

Updated: Jan 29


On Thursday, the 25th of January 2024, the Royal Philanthropic Lodge witnessed another milestone in its storied history - the installation of Bro.Clint Williams as Worshipful Master by the outgoing Master W.Bro. Curtis Gosein.

The installation of a new Worshipful Master is a time-honored tradition in Freemasonry, symbolizing continuity, and the passing of leadership. Embraced within the ritualistic fabric of the installation is the commitment to integrity, a virtue held in high regard within the Masonic tradition. The incoming Worshipful Master, in taking up the mantle of leadership, solemnly vows to lead with honor and virtuous conduct. This pledge extends beyond the individual, becoming a covenant with the entire Masonic community, reinforcing the bonds of brotherhood and fostering a harmonious environment within the lodge.


W.Bro. Williams, with the steadfast support of the Royal Philanthropic Lodge, is poised to exemplify the enduring legacy of Freemasonry. As he adeptly navigates his responsibilities, he does so knowing he has the Lodge's full support. Guided by the profound teachings of the craft, he approaches his duties with unwavering dedication, aiming to leave an indelible mark on those who walk the Masonic path with him.

The presence of esteemed guests added grandeur to the event. R.W.Bro G. E. Mendes, District Grand Master for the District Grand Lodge of Trinidad and Tobago, along with Bro L. J. Baptiste, Right Worshipful District Grand Master of District Grand Lodge Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada, led a distinguished delegation and deputation respectively. Furthermore, visitors from various countries graced the occasion, emphasizing the global fraternity of Freemasonry.

As the gavel passed from outgoing Master, W.Bro. Curtis Gosein, the lodge expressed gratitude for his exemplary leadership throughout the preceding year. Under his guidance, the Royal Philanthropic Lodge flourished, bringing in several new members, undertaking numerous charitable initiatives and strengthening bonds of brotherhood within the fraternity.

Following the ceremony, the brethren, guests, and dignitaries engaged in a spirit of camaraderie, celebrating into the night. The echoes of Masonic rituals and the warmth of fraternal bonds created memories that will resonate within the hearts of all who attended.


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