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Lodge Royalian Celebrates 60 Years with Interfaith Service.

Updated: May 11, 2023

Lodge Royalian held an interfaith service to launch their 60th Anniversary Celebration. The Worshipful Master of the Royal Philanthropic Lodge, W.Bro Curtis Gosein was present at the service, highlighting the bond between the two lodges.

The connection between these two lodges is not new, as one of the founding members of Lodge Royalian was the late Worshipful Brother Percy Farell, who was a member of the Royal Philanthropic Lodge. As Freemasons, the members of Lodge Royalian and Royal Philanthropic Lodge share a commitment to charity, brotherhood, and the pursuit of truth. By coming together to celebrate this milestone anniversary, they are reaffirming their dedication to these principles and to each other.

The interfaith service held to mark Lodge Royalian's 60th Anniversary Celebration was a beautiful display of unity, tolerance, and respect for diversity. Furthermore, it served as a reminder of the unbreakable bond between the Scottish and English Lodges in Trinidad and Tobago.



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