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Reflections on a day well spent

Updated: May 11, 2023

What is to be gained from Freemasonry is the perennial question asked by the uninitiated and initiated alike. For most of us, the brotherhood and camaraderie we experience in Freemasonry is as unique as it is enjoyable.

And so we are grateful for the moments we get to spend with our brothers. To be in awe of life's experiences told by the Elders and to be encouraged and buoyed by the hopes and dreams of those who seek to fill their shoes.

The afternoon was warm and airy. We sailed down the Islands, led by a seasoned and older Brother, skilled in the tools of his tradecraft, completely trusted to navigate his brothers across calm and if necessary, rough seas. We traded stories and laughs. Then set up sail and let nature and our Brother take us home.



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